Live Music Back at Rose Club

Volume CX, No. 9September, 2010

Jim Hannen

From left, Chris Pistorino, Shawn Clark (vocals), Tom Abbott, John Merrill and Brian Floody.

The Plaza Hotel’s Rose Club swings! Since reopening in the spring of 2008 the Plaza Hotel’s Palm Court has featured live music in the form of solo piano or harp.

Earlier this year, in the renovated Rose Club (some of you might remember it as the legendary Persian Room), the Plaza began swinging with the sounds of vintage jazz.

Every Thursday night, Lapis Luna, a quartet comprised of Shawn Clark (vocals and leader), Chris Pistorino (bass), John Merrill (guitar) and Brian Floody (drums), entertains locals, regulars and tourists – and it’s a union gig!

Bandleader Shawn Clark, who is a new member of 802, describes it best: “A hip jazz quartet playing at the Plaza with no cover charge – what’s not to like?”

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. The gig is union, the band is union, the payroll is being done by Legit 802, Inc. – what’s not to like, indeed!

Over the past few years there hasn’t been much in the way of good news on the hotel steady scene (see last month’s Allegro piece on Ray Cohen), and while we’re not popping champagne corks yet like they do at the Rose Club, we’re seeing this as a plus and invite management from all the “dark hotels” – the ones with no live music – to stop by the Rose Club and see what they’re missing.

The band tells us customers are always thanking them for providing a “very New York experience.” I’m guessing the dark hotels just provide rooms.