“Liza” Show Keeps on Paying

Volume CVI, No. 12December, 2006

This past year the whole country saw the re-broadcast of the Liza Minnelli show, “Liza With a Z,” on public broadcasting stations across the country. The show meant something special for the 85 musicians who originally performed on the program on Sept. 10, 1972, when it was first broadcast on NBC.

Because NBC is a signatory to the AFM’s national videotape agreement, Liza Minnelli’s concert is covered for additional uses and re-uses, even though the re-broadcast was shown on PBS.

Now, 34 years later, musicians who first played on the show are still covered and receive payments for the re-broadcast, which also includes pension.

Regrettably, some of the original musicians have passed on. Their heirs and descendants, when the union has this information, are now receiving new use payments, along with all of the musicians who are still living.

If you know someone who did the original program, and they have moved from the New York City area, and you don’t think we have their correct information, please call either Bill Crow or Kyndl Brunson in the Recording Department at (212) 245-4802.

Recording rep Joel LeFevre worked with Recording Supervisor Jay Schaffner and Carol Sato, director of the AFM’s Electronic Media Services Division, to secure payments for this program.