Local 802 Endorses Carl McCall and Dennis Mehiel

Volume CII, No. 10October, 2002

As the September primary approached, the Local 802 Executive Board announced its endorsement of New York State Comptroller Carl McCall for Governor of New York State and Dennis Mehiel for Lieutenant Governor.

McCall has been a friend and an ally of Local 802 for several years. One of the major concerns of 802 members is affordable housing and, in particular, ensuring the continuation of rent protections. As comptroller, McCall produced audits showing that tenants who were overcharged in rent-regulated buildings were given short shrift by the State Division of Housing. McCall has also shown that the State Division of Housing has approved dubious claims by landlords seeking to justify rent increases on the basis of capital improvements.

A McCall/Mehiel administration promises to repeal the so-called luxury decontrol provisions, which have already resulted in the loss of 148,000 units to market rents.

Mehiel, a businessman, has created thousands of jobs across the country. He believes that unionized workers are more efficient because they can solve grievances better through unions than by simply relying on employers. Mehiel is a strong supporter of arts education, and he sponsored art programs at a New York City public school.

Local 802 has also endorsed candidates in other races. For New York State Assembly, the union has endorsed Danny O’Donnell (69th District), Kirk Swanson (73rd District) and Jose Peralta (39th District). For New York State Senate, the union’s endorsements are Kevin Parker (21st District) and Eric Schneiderman (31st District).

The general elections take place on Nov. 5. The deadline for registering is Oct. 11 and the deadline for applying for an absentee ballot by mail is Oct. 29. To apply for an absentee ballot, or if you would like to volunteer on Election Day, please contact Heather Beaudoin at (212) 245-4802, ext. 176.