Local 802 Joins Production Alliance

Volume CVIII, No. 1January, 2008

As part of Local 802’s campaign to bring studio work back to New York, the Executive Board has approved a request from members of the rank-and-file Recording Musicians Committee that 802 join the New York Production Alliance.

The NYPA is an organization whose mission is to attract more TV, motion picture, commercial and new media production to the metropolitan area.

It was formed in 1998, partly as a response by workers in the field who had seen their work outsourced to other areas of the country and to Europe, especially Eastern Europe.

Members of the alliance include respected trade associations and companies, including talent and craft unions and guilds, studios, production companies, post-production facilities, nonprofit organizations, vendors and affiliated groups. Individuals and freelancers are also members.

Currently, the organization has 44 active organizational members. Most prominent of them are SAG, AFTRA and various locals of IATSE. Also represented are unions that represent directors, cinematographers and editors. Until now, Local 802 was the only major arts union that wasn’t a member.

The NYPA is working to attract business in a variety of ways, most notably by strongly lobbying state and city government for tax incentives for electronic media production, and by providing local networking opportunities in this now global business.

The proposal for Local 802 to join the New York Production Alliance was suggested by 802 member David Weiss and was presented to the board by Recording Supervisor Jay Schaffner.

You can read more at the NYPA Web site, at