Volume CV, No. 11November, 2005

As part of an ongoing effort to make Local 802 more responsive to its members and to be better able to cope with a fast changing industry, the Local 802 Executive Board has arranged for a professionally designed and conducted membership survey. The survey is part of an important and exciting strategic planning process that will unfold at Local 802 over the next several months.

Dr. Thomas Juravich, director of the Labor Studies Center at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), will be conducting the survey. Juravich has conducted similar surveys for a number of other unions, as well as local and state labor federations.

A representative sample of Local 802 members will be mailed the survey and asked to complete and return the questionnaire. Follow up calls may be made to ensure the highest possible rate of return. Juravich will compile the data, insuring the anonymity of those responding, and report the results to the union. The results will be published in Allegro and, most importantly, will help guide the union’s strategic planning process.

The purpose of the survey is to help guide overall efforts to plan for the coming years. We need to know how our members view the union and the job it does, we need to better understand the problems members confront each day in trying to earn a living in this business, and we need to know how members think the union’s resources can be best utilized.

If you are one of those who receive the survey, we urge you to complete the forms as honestly and completely as possible. This administration invites your comments and suggestions as we move forward with our ongoing strategic planning process.

Financial Vice President
Recording Vice President