Local 802 musicians perform for the next generation with Orchestra of St. Luke’s

Musicians at work

Volume 120, No. 1January, 2020

Twice a year, Orchestra of St. Luke’s invites New York City’s public school students to outstanding classical music performances designed specially for young people. These OSL concerts – which incorporate other artistic disciplines, such as dance, drama and visual art – are presented free of charge and reach more than 10,000 children annually. For many, it is their first live concert experience. The fall show highlighted Beethoven’s essential legacy to classical music, featuring selections from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, Violin Concerto and Triple Concerto, among others. Dramatist Kirya Traber guided audiences through Beethoven’s story as they listened to a wide range of his musical output – from grand symphonic works to virtuosic solo and chamber music. The series is covered, in part, by a grant from the Music Performance Trust Fund. Musicians are paid under a Local 802 union contract. Photos below by Adam Stoltman.

ORCHESTRA OF ST. LUKE’S includes Local 802 musicians Carl Albach, Nuno Antunes, Kaya Bryla, Liam Burke, John Dent, Krista Bennion Feeney, John Feeney, Melanie Feld, Daire FitzGerald, Christoph Franzgrote, Mayuki Fukuhara, Maya Gunji, Conrad Harris, Sheryl Henze, William Hestand, Kyle Hoyt, Keisuke Ikuma, Margaret Kampmeier, Karl Kawahara, Myron Lutzke, Elizabeth Mann, Maxine Neuman, Anca Nicolau, Damian Primis, Eric Reed, Louise Schulman, Andrea Schultz, Susan Shumway, Liuh-Wen Ting, Mitsuru Tsubota, Mineko Yajima and Robin Zeh.