Local 802 Thanks Bob Ayers For Generous Donation of Timpani

Volume CI, No. 3March, 2001

Local 802 has become the recipient of an outstanding pair of timpani through the generosity and thoughtfulness of Bob Ayers. The donation was sparked by a small classified ad in Allegro,

Ayers, a member of long standing in Local 802, is a well-known percussion player and timpanist. With his wife, Doreen, and son, Glen, he runs a very active music equipment rental and percussion repair service. His playing career encompassed many freelance orchestras and ballet companies. He presently is devoting his energies and time to his business, which has been growing steadily due to his innovative development of various percussion equipment.

The valuable donation of two timpani – one 26-inch and one 29-inch Ludwig Symphonic-Pro, with tuning gauges and beautiful padded covers – will add a new dimension to the resources of Local 802’s Club Room rehearsal space. “The members who come here to rehearse will be delighted to find such excellent equipment available for their use,” said Recording Vice-President Erwin Price. “Local 802 salutes Bob Ayers for his exemplary gift.”

The idea of acquiring a set of timpani was suggested by Joe Losh, who often uses the Club Room for concert band rehearsals.