Local 802 Web Site Debuts

Volume XCIX, No. 9October, 1999

Jennifer Cronin

With the launching of a new web site this month, Local 802 took another step toward bringing the power of computers and the internet to our members. Musicians had already begun dropping in to use the local’s computer for such things as e-mail, browsing the Web and word processing (see article on page 3). Now, the web site adds an entirely new dimension – an exciting place for musicians and the public to learn about our local, its news and how you as a member can take full advantage of all the union has to offer.

You can log onto our web site at The front page will change often, highlighting important information such as negotiation updates, organizing campaigns, and meeting times and places. Subsequent pages offer valuable information and news, compiled by 802 officers and staff and presented in an attractive, user-friendly format that was designed by Broadway musician and 802 member Kathy Canfield (French horn), and Pegasus Internet.

In the “About Local 802” section you will be able to obtain information about our staff, departments, benefits and services. “Local 802 News” offers various Local 802 publications on-line, including Allegro, The Jazz Artist, Psalm 150, Screamer, and the RMA Newsletter. You can search for articles by subject, or browse articles by publication. This section also contains press releases, committee and meeting information, and updates on current organizing campaigns, solidarity and negotiations.

In the “Wage & Contract Info” section you will find scale sheets and downloadable forms for the Recording and Music Preparation departments, scale sheets for the Concert Department, and Public Service scales. W-4 and I-9 forms are also available here.

The “Members Only” section is available to members in good standing. Here you will be able to access information not available to the general public. Additional news, negotiation and benefit items will be listed to users logged on as members, and one of the most important benefits is the on-line directory. New and readmitted members no longer have to wait up to two years to be part of the directory. The on-line version will be updated monthly. You will be able to search for another musician alphabetically and by instrument, and also by city, state, zip code and country. So click on the red “Members Click Here!” button from our home page to get these additional benefits.

We encourage members who sign on to the site to fill out a profile form. Here the union will learn more about you, your interests, area(s) of work and style(s) of music. We will then be able to send you e-mail based on your interests, and to forward requests from the referral service to you.

In the “Keep Me Posted!” section we invite the general public to sign up for our mailing list, selecting interest categories such as strikes, boycotts and the campaign to save live music. This gives us the ability to send e-mail about our own organizing and collective bargaining efforts, about campaigns to preserve and expand arts funding and to save live music, and about solidarity efforts.

For people interested in hiring musicians for an event, the Local 802 website provides an on-line referral form. When completed, the form will automatically be e-mailed to the Musicians’ Referral Service administrator, and the process of matching client needs with qualified member/musicians will begin. As in the past, only members in good standing are eligible for referrals.

Visit often for the latest news and updates. Remember, this is an evolving process. The web site will change, new features will be added and current sections will be improved. We encourage all musicians to give us feedback and suggestions. Please e-mail Jennifer Cronin at or Fran Kayne at, or call us at (212) 245-4802 with your input.