Local 802’s Letter to the League

Volume CI, No. 11November, 2001

Following is the text of Local 802’s Sept. 26 letter to Harriet Slaughter, Director of Labor Relations at the League of American Theatres & Producers, Inc., on the issue of unauthorized concessions:

Dear Harriet:

In the course of the last two weeks we have all been required to make painful decisions arising out of the results of the attack on New York City. Local 802 joined with the other Broadway unions in participating in concessions to certain shows which we believe could maintain a longer run if they could just get past the immediate crisis.

As you know, the concession was a wage reduction of 25 percent for a period of four weeks. We made this decision with the full knowledge that one or more other shows claimed to need far greater reductions in order to remain open. Nevertheless, there was a consistently applied 25 percent reduction only.

Shortly thereafter we learned that the cast, crew and orchestra at one of these shows, Kiss Me Kate, voted to “donate” an additional 25 percent of their salaries to the producers. That concession was not approved by Local 802. We are not, at this time, seeking to upset that unauthorized concession.

However, we are concerned that other producers may seek to receive the same or similar unauthorized concessions. Indeed, one of your members has already asked for permission to speak with the musicians in such an effort. That request has been denied.

This letter is to advise the League and its members that Local 802 will not allow or tolerate discussions, meetings or any other form of “negotiation” over mandatory subjects of bargaining, including any direct or indirect request for “donations” or any other form of concession beyond that which the union is already participating in, or may participate in in the future.

Any such actions by your members will be treated as a violation of the collective bargaining agreement and the National Labor Relations Act.


William Moriarity, President