Volume CVIII, No. 12December, 2008

Several Local 802 members have recently reported bad experiences with attorney Howard L. Blau. We’ve learned that Mr. Blau, who has represented musicians and other artists in the past, has been suspended from the practice of law.

If you feel you’ve been mistreated by Mr. Blau, we’d like to know. Please contact 802 lawyer Harvey Mars at (212) 765-4300 or

Remember, before hiring any lawyer you should consider doing a simple background check and asking for references from current clients.

One valuable resource is the Web site of the New York Unified Court System. The site’s attorney registration section will indicate whether an attorney is currently admitted to practice in this jurisdiction. See

Another reputable organization is Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, at .

And as always, if your legal problem has to do with a union gig — or sometimes even a nonunion gig — call us first.