Membership Alerts

Volume CVI, No. 5May, 2006


After the union recently stopped offering liability coverage for members on a job-to-job basis, we received many phone calls asking us to reconsider. Our reason for canceling was that the AFM offers a year-round policy for member-leaders at a much reduced rate. The problem is that they will not insure leaders who send out subgroups. Also, many musicians perform jobs on a one-time only basis, and having to purchase an ongoing policy from the AFM is an unnecessary burden. Therefore, we have reconsidered, and Local 802 will continue our job-by-job coverage for those in need. For more information, please contact Leo Ball, the administrator of the union’s payroll service Legit 802, at (212) 245-4802, ext. 175.


Local 802 has been informed that Steven Scott Enterprises intends to cease operations. However, we also know that Steven Scott bands continue to perform engagements already booked and in some cases are continuing to book engagements. It is our position that all of these engagements remain covered by the terms of the Single Engagement Club Date contract. It is also our position that individual company principals and/or bandleaders will be responsible for ongoing benefit payments and adherence to the terms of the union agreement to the extent that they are not paid by Steven Scott.

Steven Scott musicians are hereby directed by the Local 802 Executive Board to inform the union of all dates and venues for which they are engaged by any of the principals and/or bandleaders associated with Steven Scott Enterprises. Such information can be called into the union’s New York office (212-245-4802) or Long Island office (516-576-9436) or left on the union’s Steven Scott hotline (212-245-4802, ext. 116). All calls will be confidential.

Local 802 will continue to seek dialog with the individual bandleaders and is seeking all legal remedies to recover any outstanding wages, health or pension benefits owed by Steven Scott.