Message to movie studios: ‘Bring the music home!’

Volume 112, No. 11November, 2012

Gail Kruvand


The AFM and RMA have begun a first-time-ever initiative to raise
the public’s awareness of the unfairness regarding outsourcing and tax
credits. In early August, AFM President Hair, Secretary Treasurer Sam Folio and
members of the New York and L.A. chapters of the RMA traveled to Wilmington,
North Carolina for a week of leafleting outside Screen Gems Studios.

“Iron Man 3,” a Marvel Entertainment production, was
being filmed there. A major factor in the decision to film in Wilmington were NC
state incentives, enacted in 2009, which allow film companies to claim a 25
percent tax credit – up to $20 million – on productions spending more than
$250,000 in qualifying expenses. While plans for the film scoring are as yet
unknown, we do know that the previous two “Iron Man” films were scored
in Europe.

We handed out leaflets and spoke with people regarding the
unfairness on the part of Marvel and parent company Walt Disney taking millions
in the form of tax credits and then refusing to hire AFM musicians when it comes
time to score.

Similarly, Marvel and Disney filmed “The Avengers” in New
Mexico, taking full advantage of that state’s generous tax credits. Yet the
music was scored in Europe, denying AFM musician jobs.

President Hair said “Marvel lines its pockets with taxpayer
money, taking care of everyone who works on their films, except musicians.
Marvel’s actions toward professional musicians are un-American and unfair and
we want the world to know it.”

The AFM and RMA will continue our public advocacy campaign to bring the
injustice of tax credits and outsourcing jobs for Americans to the forefront in
our battle for fairness.