Money for Gigs? Yes!

MPF Deadline is April 20

Volume CVI, No. 2February, 2006

April 20 is the deadline for requests for funding from the Music Performance Fund (MPF). You can use this money for gigs that take place from May 1, 2006 through April 30, 2007. If you have never applied for this kind of funding before (or even if you have), please read these instructions carefully. (Many members call these kinds of performances “trust fund gigs,” which refers to the Music Performance Trust Fund, the former name of the fund.)

Following are brief guidelines on how to apply for MPF funding:

This money must be used for gigs where no admission fee is charged. The event must be open to the general public and the central focus must be on the music. Additionally, you must find a co-sponsor who agrees to pay about 75 percent of the cost of the gig.

Submit your project in writing to MPF Supervisor Olga James, Local 802, 322 West 48th Street, New York, NY 10036.

Include the following information: the number of musicians, the venue or place, the dates of performance (if known), the budget (costs), the kind of music to be performed, the expected size of the audience, and any other information relevant to your proposal.

Arrange for a co-sponsor to fund your project. Co-sponsors can be any one or any combination of the following: an individual, small business, merchant, bank, school, municipality, Chamber of Commerce, shopping mall and corporations.

Have the co-sponsor(s) send a letter of responsibility indicating that they guarantee their share of payment of the musicians’ wages and benefits and other costs such as cartage and mileage. This is usually 65 percent, plus an administrative fee of 10 percent for statutory taxes.

Complete MPF guidelines are available from the MPF office.

For more information, call MPF Supervisor Olga James at (212) 245-4802, ext 152.