Music for the People

Photo Op

Volume CVII, No. 11November, 2007

This summer, Local 802 member Chris Byars (pictured on sax) performed the music of Gigi Gryce in an interactive workshop at C.E.S. 53, a New York City elementary school. In addition to being a musician, Gryce – who later changed his name to Basheer Quism – was a public schoolteacher at C.E.S. 53. When he died in 1983, the school was named in honor of him. Gigi Gryce’s widow Eleanor was present at one of the workshops. Local 802 members John Mosca (trombone) and Andy Watson (drums) are also pictured at left. An elementary school student plays along on the conga. Some of the funding for this workshop came from the Music Performance Fund. For information on applying for MPF funding for your own gigs, call Olga James at (212) 245-4802, ext. 152. (Gigs must be free and open to the public; other restrictions apply as well.)