Volume 120, No. 2February, 2020

MET Orchestra musicians and other Local 802 members recently performed for Spanish-speaking refugee children from Mexico and Central America at the Andrew Freedman Home in the South Bronx. Connecting with communities throughout the greater New York area through music has continued to be a commitment and priority for both the MET Orchestra musicians and Local 802. Pedro Diaz narrated and was joined by Yevgeny Faniuk (flute), Anton Rist (clarinet), Mark Romatz (bassoon), Hugo Valverde (horn) and Toyin Spellman-Diaz (oboe), who told Allegro, “It was truly a gift to give the children an hour of joy. They grinned from ear to ear throughout the entire performance and responded to our questions with sweet thoughtfulness.” Separately, Pedro Diaz told us, “I am thankful to the composers who rushed to the help of this project: Carlos Ponzio, Arturo Pantaleon and Juan Carlos Villaseñor. We hope to repeat this many times in the future.” Photos by Richard Kaplan.