Music Prep Settles $18,000 Grievance

Volume CII, No. 12December, 2002

Local 802’s Music Preparation Department has settled a grievance against the Music-Theatre Group, recovering more than $18,000 in wages, benefits, materials and facilities. The grievance arose when the Music-Theatre Group failed to make any payments for music copying services performed for its workshop production of Fangs, following the completion of the workshop last February. Both playing musicians and music preparation musicians were covered by an off-Broadway workshop agreement.

Local 802 raised the grievance in April and reached a settlement in October, which required immediate payment of $1,555.65 in pension contributions, $478.50 in health benefits contributions and four monthly installments of wages and facilities at $3,523.16 per month to the supervising copyist. Two smaller wage payments due to two additional copyists were made in September. If any of the monthly payments are not received by the dates specified in the settlement agreement, a 7 percent late payment penalty will be imposed, retroactive to March 1.

Local 802’s ability to settle this grievance for the full amounts due highlights the importance of the off-Broadway workshop agreement for musicians providing services. Anyone called for work on an off-Broadway production should contact Senior Theatre Rep Mary Donovan at ext. 156 for information and assistance.