Musicians Won Back More Than $1 Million

Volume CIV, No. 12December, 2004

The Recording Department collected more than $1 million on behalf of musicians in 2003 in the form of grievances and collections.

The most money was won in the TV field, with grievances on 50 contracts bringing in $605,209.22 to 818 musicians. The TV field includes videotape recording (including the live talk shows and late night shows), public TV and basic cable.

A close second was the phono field, with 99 contracts bringing in $297,275.26 to 522 musicians. This field includes sound recordings (like some classical CD’s or CD’s of major artists), limited pressings, demo recordings and incidental music.

Grievances and collections in the jingles field brought in $67,489.51 to 440 musicians under a total of 43 contracts.

Grievances covering music for made-for-TV movies and industrial films brought in $120,000.12 to 185 musicians under 16 contracts.

There was only one grievance collected on for public radio in 2003. That brought in $1,619.04 to 16 musicians.

All told, the Recording Department handled 220 different grievances and collections covering 1981 musicians bringing in just over $1 million to Local 802 members.