Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIII, No. 7/8July, 2003


“Mambo Kings”: After some back and forth with management, Local 802 reached an agreement with the Mambo Kings Company (Allan Williams, general manager) covering four musicians for the developmental production of “Mambo Kings.” The wages for side musicians are $776.10 for 30 hours of rehearsals and include one presentation over a maximum of six consecutive days. Additional presentations pay $75 for a maximum of three hours. Overtime pays time and a half per 15 minutes or part, and double time for a seventh day of work. The music director/conductor earns an additional 75 percent above scale for a maximum of 30 hours of rehearsals and one presentation, and $125 for additional presentations. Vacation pays 6 percent and pension is 9 percent of wages. Health benefits are capped at $58 per musician per week.


“The Jackie Wilson Story”: The AFM reached an agreement with the Black Ensemble Theatre Touring Company (Jackie Taylor, producer and executive director). “The Jackie Wilson Story” was originally produced in Chicago, then moved to Local 802’s jurisdiction in spring when it went up at the Apollo Theatre. Musicians were paid according to the Broadway contract, with the following exceptions. Side musicians earned $750 for a six-performance week, and rehearsals paid $32 per hour, with a minimum call of 2.5 hours. The music director received a premium of no less than 50 percent above side musician minimum scale. Overtime paid time and a half for more than two shows in a day, and performances of more than 2.5 hours. Pension paid 10 percent of wages. The living expenses and health contributions were paid according to the terms of the AFM touring agreement. Musicians have identity with the product within Local 802’s jurisdiction. The duration of the agreement was March 31, 2003 through April 27, 2003. An AFM agreement covers the same musicians should they continue on tour through March 30, 2004. The terms are essentially the same with the following exceptions. Musicians earn 8 percent pension, are allowed up to eight services per week for the wages as listed above, and receive 20 percent additional for the first double, 15 percent for the second and 8.5 percent for subsequent doubles. The agreement incorporates other terms and conditions from the AFM Touring Theatrical Musicians (Pamphlet B) Agreement. Health benefits will be forwarded to the home jurisdiction of the musicians.