Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIII, No. 1January, 2003


Local 802 and New York Grand Opera reached a one-year agreement that covers all work performed at Flushing Town Hall from Sept. 1, 2002 through Aug. 30, 2003. Performance and rehearsal wages were significantly increased. In the last contract, performance wages were $130 and rehearsals were $25.50 per hour. The new agreement raises performances to $158 and rehearsals to $31.50 per hour. Health benefits, pension and cartage were also increased to match the 802 Single Engagement Classical Wage Scales and Conditions.

If the employer produces a concert that does not take place in Flushing Town Hall, the employer and the union will negotiate separately for rates. And because the contract contains the standard 802 fair competition clause, if an outside concert takes place in a major hall, the employer will automatically be required to pay full freelance scale.


Musicians unanimously accepted a new contract with the New York Revels that covers all work through Sept. 30, 2004. Performance wages, which were $160, increase to $175 in the first year of the contact and to $186 next year. Rehearsal wages, which were $35 per hour, increase to $37 in the first year and to $39 in 2003. Health benefits increase to full freelance scale, to $24 per performance and $6 per rehearsal this year, and $25 per performance and $7 per rehearsal next year. Pension contributions, which were 11 percent, increase to 12 percent in the first year and 13 percent next year.


Tommy Tune White Tie and Tails: Local 802 reached a one-year agreement for the production of Tommy Tune White Tie and Tails at the new 499-seat Little Shubert on 42nd Street. The employer is White Tie Company, L.L.C., Leonard Soloway, producer. The contract covers 20 musicians, including two of the three Manhattan Rhythm Kings. The side musician scale is $808 per week, which covers eight performances. This wage includes a first double at 12½ percent. As of Feb. 18, wages increase to $825 per week, which includes the first double premium. In addition, after 25 weeks of employment, musicians earn a 4 percent raise. Other premiums include 50 percent for the music director, 15 percent for the associate conductor, 50 percent for the playing contractor, 12½ percent for the librarian and 25 percent for the synthesizer player. Additional doubles pay 6¼ percent. The weekly rehearsal and audition scale is $900 for a 40-hour, six-day week and $35 per hour, and $22 per hour for the orchestra. The minimum call is two hours. Musicians receive a week’s paid vacation after 25 weeks of employment or, if they decide to receive their vacation as pay, 4 percent of their cumulative wages in addition to their regular pay. Pension pays 8 percent and health benefits are $54 per week. As members of both AGVA and Local 802, the Manhattan Rhythm Kings may opt for the Local 802 plan or the AGVA plan. Each musician is eligible for a paid sick performance off for every 48 performances. All musicians have identity with the product.

12th Night/Uncle Vanya: Local 802 negotiated with the Brooklyn Academy of Music for two productions of 12th Night/Uncle Vanya at the 893-seat Harvey Theatre (formerly the Majestic Theatre), Alice Bernstein, executive vice-president. The productions will be performed on alternating weeks. The minimum weekly wage for a seven-performance week is $1,137.50 for side musicians. Premiums are 75 percent for the music director and 30 percent for the associate conductor. Other premiums are 12 1/2 percent for the first double, 6 1/4 percent for each additional double, 25 percent for synthesizer players and 12 ½ percent for the librarian. Pension pays 9 percent. Vacation pays 6 1/8 percent of weekly wages. Health benefits are $54 per week. Musicians earn one performance off for every 48 performances worked as sick leave and have identity with the product.

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