Negotiations Roundup

Volume CII, No. 5May, 2002


Forbidden Broadway 2001, A Spoof Odyssey: A two-year agreement with FBNY Limited Partnership, John Freedson, Producer, covers the music director in this production, which is now being presented at the 199-seat Douglas Fairbanks Theatre. Earlier productions were staged in the Stardust Diner, the dinner theatre space. The minimum weekly wage for the music director is $835.15 for an eight-performance week or a 40-hour/six-day rehearsal week. The hourly rehearsal scale is $28.64, for a minimum two-hour call. Vacation is 4 percent, health benefits are $50 a week, and pension is 8 percent of gross wages. After negotiations were concluded on Feb. 1, the musician received more than $1,800 in retroactive wages going back to Aug. 2, 2001.

Urinetown: A contract was reached with Don’t Be The Bunny, LLC, Robert Strickstein of Dodger Productions, for a one-year extension of this production at Henry Miller’s Theatre. The initial seven-month collective bargaining agreement was very close to full Broadway scale, with some exceptions: hiring an associate conductor, contractor and librarian were optional, and instrument maintenance was frozen at $30 per week. All terms of the current Broadway contract now apply to the production, with the following exceptions and clarifications: The associate conductor premium will be shared among the three playing musicians who do not receive the conductor or contractor premium. Pension will be paid at 8 percent, since Henry Miller’s Theatre is not a Broadway house. Should the production move to a Broadway house, the full Broadway contract shall apply, including the Turkus award governing pension contributions.


Anything Goes: An agreement was reached with Lincoln Center, Steven Callahan, General Manager, covering 18 musicians for rehearsals and one performance. The minimum scale for two weeks of rehearsals is $37.85 per rehearsal hour and $221.71 for the performance of three hours or less. Leader premium is 100 percent of minimum scale wages. Pension is 11 percent and health benefits are $23 for the performance and $5 for rehearsals. These terms represent a 3 percent improvement over the last benefit concert, South Pacific, presented in the Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center.


The Boy From Oz: This contract with The Boy From Oz Project, Albert Poland, General Manager, provides minimum scale wages of $1,035 for the side musicians, for a six-day/40-hour week, and $40 per hour for a minimum three-hour call. The performance minimum scale is $155 per performance, for three hours or less. Premiums include 75 percent for the music director/conductor, 30 percent for the associate conductor, 12½ percent for the first double, 6¼ percent for each additional double, and 25 percent for synthesizer. Vacation is 6 percent, pension is 9 percent, and health benefits are $54 per week. Musicians have identity with the product for any additional work.

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