Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIV, No. 2February, 2004


Local 802 and the Martha Graham Dance Company have entered into a three-year agreement for the period Dec. 1, 2003 through April 30, 2006. The agreement specifies that for the first year of the agreement, the company pay the union’s Single Engagement Ballet/Opera Wage Scales and Conditions that were in effect two years ago.

In the second year of the contract, the employer will be one year behind the scales and in the last year of the agreement, the Dance Company will be bound to the then current Ballet/Opera scales and conditions.

The agreement also calls for the parties to meet by May 1, 2005 in order to form a primary hiring list.


“Dracula.” Local 802 reached an agreement with Dodger Productions covering three musicians for the second reading of “Dracula.” Minimum side musician scale for a 30-hour week is $746.40 and the music director receives a 50 percent premium above the scale. Overtime after 30 hours pays time-and-one-half. Doubling pays 12.5 percent for the first instrument and 6.25 percent for each additional. The synthesizer player receives a premium of 12.5 percent. The employer is responsible for paying 100 percent of cartage expenses. Health benefits are $58 per week per musician and pension is 9 percent of gross wages.

For information regarding theatrical contracts, call Senior Theatre Rep Mary Donovan at ext. 156.