Negotiations Roundup

Volume CV, No. 3March, 2005

Blossom Dearie Enterprises. Local 802 has renewed its agreement with Blossom Dearie Enterprises covering the performance work of what is typically the Blossom Dearie Trio. The two-year agreement provides for a 10 percent pension contribution and a guarantee of Plan B Health Benefits for the musicians who perform on a regular basis. Blossom Dearie recently resumed her long-running engagement at Danny’s Skylight Room to the joy of her many admirers.

Center for Contemporary Opera. Local 802 reached a two-year agreement with the Center for Contemporary Opera. As Allegro went to press, the Executive Board had ratified the deal and musicians were to vote on it. In the first year of the contract, performance wages rise to $190, from $176 in the old contract. In the second year of the contract, performances pay $200. Rehearsals, which paid $37 in the old contract, now pay $41 in year one and $43 in year two. Pension, which paid 12 percent in the old contact, rises to 13 percent in year one and 14 percent in year two. Health, which paid $20 in the old contract, rises to $22 in year one and $24 in year two. For rehearsals, health rises to $7.25 in year one and $8.25 in year two, from $6 in the old contract. The agreement also includes cartage increases; a clause obligating the employer to pay the appropriate single engagement opera/ballet scales, premiums and benefits when performing in a “major venue”; and a ban on the use of virtual orchestra machines or any other synthetic device intended to replace live musicians.

Highlights in Jazz. Local 802 has renewed its agreement with Jack Kleinsinger’s Highlights in Jazz, one of New York City’s longest running jazz concert series. This year will mark its 32nd anniversary. The concerts are presented at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. The agreement provides for an 8 percent pension contribution, protection against unauthorized recordings or broadcasts, and a grievance and arbitration provision.

Jillbern Music. Local 802 and Jillbern Music have agreed to a new one-year contract. The agreement increases scale wages to $200 for three-hour shows, from $185 in the old contract. Jillbern Music, led by 802 member Herb Bernstein, performs with vocalist Michael Amante. The agreement covers all engagements except those that take place at major concert halls, arenas and theatres. Such engagements are covered by the master club date agreement and pay full club date scale.

“Menopause The Musical.” Local 802 has renegotiated an agreement with this musical. The employer is NYCGNO, LLC., Brent Peek Productions. The new two-year contract covers three musicians at the 299-seat Playhouse 91 Theatre. The agreement includes a 4 percent pay increase in the first year which puts the side musician wages at $724.67. This includes the first doubling or assistant conductor premium at 12.5 percent. The premium for the conductor is 50 percent, which includes the 25 percent synthesizer premium. The rehearsal/audition musician scale for a 40-hour/six-day week pays $1,040 and the daily call pays $36.40, with a minimum two-hour call. Orchestra rehearsals pay $22.88 per hour, with a minimum two-hour call. Musicians earn 9 percent pension, 4 percent vacation and $58 per week in health benefits. The second year of the contract includes a 3.5 percent wage increase, effective Dec. 20, 2005. The employer has agreed to ban the use of any and all virtual orchestra machines.