Negotiations Roundup

Volume CV, No. 4April, 2005

SEM Ensemble. An agreement has been reached with the SEM Ensemble, retroactive from May 15, 2003 through May 14, 2006. The new agreement requires that SEM follow single engagement classical wage scale and all terms and conditions for all performances in major venues. During the course of the negotiations, SEM agreed to make pension, health and work dues payments that were in arrears from a 2002 performance at Alice Tully Hall. The new agreement includes a virtual orchestra machine ban.

Inside Broadway. Local 802 and Midtown Management Group Inc. (Michael Presser, executive director) reached a new two-year agreement covering musicians working in the employer’s arts enrichment programs. The Midtown Management Group has been introducing public school children to Broadway since 1982. Its student-centered programs serve about 25,000 students yearly. The Midtown Arts Project distributes approximately 10,000 free Broadway theatre tickets each year to New York public schools. “Creating the Magic” career seminars feature Broadway performers in a moderated program of musical selections from the shows and interactive discussions on careers in the theatre.

In the first year of the agreement, side musicians minimum scale wages are $132.50 for performances or workshops of two hours or less. The hourly rate for additional performances or workshops on the same day is $77.50. The rehearsal minimum scale wage is $28.50, with a minimum three-hour call. Related doubles pay 3 percent and unrelated doubles pay 9 percent, as defined in the Single Engagement Contract. The premium for leaders of 4 to 10 musicians is 25 percent. The premium for leaders of more than 10 musicians is 50 percent. Cartage pays $20 for large instruments and equipment as defined in our Public Services Scale. Mileage pays 20 cents per mile round trip from Columbus Circle. All wages increase by 3 percent as of Sept. 1, 2005. The health contribution is $10 per day capped at $60 per week. This increases to $12 per day — and capped at $72 per week — as of Sept. 1, 2005. Pension currently pays 6 percent but increases to 7 percent as of Sept. 1, 2005. Music preparation pays 100 percent of General Price List. The agreement lasts from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2006.