Negotiations Roundup

Volume CV, No. 5May, 2005

“Play Without Words.” Local 802 negotiated an agreement with Brooklyn Academy of Music and Alice Bernstein for this production at the 874 -seat Harvey Theatre. The current production represents a 6 percent wage increase over the 2002 contract that covered both “Uncle Vanya” and “Twelfth Night.” The side musicians’ minimum scale wage is $1,205.75 for a seven-performance week. The premium for music director/conductor is 75 percent; the associate conductor premium is 30 percent. The rehearsal audition’s minimum scale for a 40-hour, six-day week is $1,205.75 and $53 per hour, with a minimum two-hour call. The orchestra minimum scale wages for rehearsals are $26.50, with a minimum 2.5-hour call. The first doubling premium is 12.25 percent and 6.25 percent for each additional instrument. A one-hour call just prior or just after a performance pays $35. The premium for synthesizer instruments is 25 percent; the librarian premium is 12.5 percent. Musicians are reimbursed for transporting cartage instruments, and also parking. The vacation premium is 6 percent for any time beyond the scheduled three-week run. Health benefits pay $7.25 per call and are capped at $58 per week per musician. Pension is 9 percent of the musicians’ wages. All musicians engaged for the production have full identity-of-product rights. Music preparation is paid according to the Broadway contract. BAM has also agreed to language banning the use of any virtual orchestra machine.