Negotiations Roundup

Volume CII, No. 9September, 2002


A seven-month letter of agreement was reached with Apollo Review, L.L.C., Steven Chaikelson, General Manager, for this 90-minute review at the 1,244-seat Apollo Theatre, which employs nine musicians. The minimum scale wages for performances and rehearsals are 80 percent of Broadway scale. The wages include the on-stage premium and are for a seven-performance week with at least two days off each week. During Thanksgiving and Christmas week, musicians may do one additional performance for a pro-rata eighth show payment. However, during any other performance week, they will receive time-and-one-half for additional shows. Pension is 10 percent of wages, including vacation. All other terms of the Broadway agreement shall apply.


The Henry Street Chamber Opera and Local 802 have agreed to a one-year contract that contains across-the-board increases in all major economic categories, as well as new language that adds a premium for Associate Concertmaster. Performance wages will increase from $175 to $186 for 2½ hours or less, meeting the Local 802 Single Engagement Ballet/Opera Wage Scales, pro-rated from three hours. The rehearsal hourly rate will increase from $29 to $32 per hour.

Also included are a health contribution increase from $22 per performance to $23 (with rehearsal increases from $5.00 to $5.50) and a pension increase from 11 percent to 12 percent. The principal premium was also increased, from 20 percent to 22 percent, which brings it closer to the Ballet/Opera premium for this category.

The Associate Concertmaster premium of 22 percent will only apply if there are six or more first violins utilized in any given production. Another important new provision recognizes a shop steward, selected from the roster by the musicians/union, as having the authority to enforce all contractual provisions at the workplace.

Lastly, the parties agreed to meet no later than 60 days from the conclusion of the November 2002 concert(s) to form a primary hiring list. The agreement will expire on Sept. 11, 2003.