Negotiations Roundup

Volume CIII, No. 11November, 2003


The Executive Board has approved – and the bandmembers of Jillbern Music have ratified – a successor agreement with owner Herb Bernstein. Improvements over the previous agreement include a scale increase to $185 from $175 for up to a three-hour performance, an increase in health benefit contributions to $23 per musician, rehearsal pay of $25 per hour (none existed previously), and penalties for late wage payment. The band, led by Bernstein, backs up the popular vocalist Michael Amante.


On Sept. 26, musicians of the Westchester Philharmonic overwhelmingly approved an agreement granting union recognition to Local 802 and authorization to begin talks for a collective bargaining agreement by the end of the year. Although this will be the first collective bargaining agreement with Westchester Philharmonic, it has always filed its single engagements properly using full freelance scale. The musicians agreed to waive their fees for a local cable broadcast in exchange for recognition and an ongoing contract.