Welcome to our new (and returning) members!

January 2023

Volume 123, No. 1January, 2023


(as of December 8, 2022)

Click each name below to learn more about our members and listen to their music. (P.S…if your name appears on the list below without a link your website, send an e-mail to and we’ll link your website):

Rez Abbasi (guitar)
Narek Arutyunian (clarinet)
Titilayo Ayangade (cello)
William S. Barnes (guitar)
Nicholas Borghoff (viola)
Samuel P. Boutris (clarinet)
Anthony Bracewell (violin)
Jackson Brothers (violin)
Stephanie L. Carlin (orchestrator)
AllenJade Wolfe Carter (french horn)
Gregory William Chudzik (bass)
Laura Cohan (keyboards)
Emily Davies (electric bass)
Adeline Debella (flute)
Jason DiMatteo (bass)
Gregory Drilling (oboe)
John Elliott (trumpet)
Sarah Favinger (bass)
Ethan N. Fields (french horn)
Michael F. Folan (electric guitar)
Erika R. Gamez (conductor)
Alejandro A. Gandara (french horn)
Jennifer Giammanco (bass)
Paul Gil (electric bass)
Alexander Giorgi (piano)
Isabel Lepanto Gleicher (flute)
Mark Graham (music services)
Russell T. Graham (piano)
Ellen Gruber (oboe) 
Bruce A. Harris (trumpet)
Craig Harris (trombone)
Phillip R. Helm (bass)
Vlad Hontila (violin)
Jovan R. Johnson (trombone)
Alexander K. Mak (guitar)
Brent C. Mauldin (piano)
Dom Minasi (guitar)
Jarrett Murray (bass)
Gervis W. Myles (bass)
Christopher Natale (percussion)
Pablo M. O’Connell (baroque oboe)
Michael O’Dell (piano)
John K. Painting (keyboards)
Grace Park (violin)
Ki-Deok Park (clarinet)
Erica Kika Parra (latin percussion)
Madeleine Pintoff (viola)
Gene Pritsker (guitar)
David H. Puchkoff (trumpet)
Nicol Richards (entertainer)
Lucille Ritter (drums)
Joel E. Rodeback (french horn)
Andrew Roitstein (bass)
Francois Rousseau (electric guitar)
Rogelito Santos (guitar)
Kathryn Umble Smucker (trumpet)
Alexander Soloway (piano)
Ann SunHyung Kim (violin)
Kathleen Tagg (piano)
Dave Tedeschi (drums)
John Gentry Tennyson (piano)
Lisa W. Tiedemann (cello)
Jesdelson J. Vasquez (trumpet)
Ismael Vidal (french horn)
Steve E. Weinles (drums)
Leslie O. Wickham (piano)
Teddy Wiggins (violin)
Walter J. Williams (drums)