‘Why we joined the union’

Vince Ector

Volume 120, No. 6June, 2020

Vince Ector

I decided to rejoin Local 802 when my daughter joined AFM Local 47 as the next member of our family to become a professional performer. I thought it was ironic that I would promote the benefits of being a union member when I allowed my membership to expire many years ago after I became vested in the AFM pension plan. I plan to become more active in advocating for my fellow musicians — especially in the area of jazz — and am confident Local 802 will be a strong voice for the future of our industry during the rapid changes that we must be prepared to face as artists, educators and performers in 2020 and beyond. My musical goal in NYC is to inspire and be inspired by the creative energy that exists in the greatest city in the world for music! Before the quarantine, one of my favorite recent gigs was a concert with my band at the Side Door club in Connecticut in support of my latest CD “Theme For Ms. P.” I had performed at this venue for many years as a sideman, so to finally lead my own band there made me feel that my career is coming full circle. I’m from Philadelphia, which is a historical musical town. My career brought me to NYC in the 90s and I have performed or recorded with artists as diverse as Randy Weston, James Moody, Hank Jones, Jose Feliciano, Steve Miller and Ben E. King, to name a few. I have recorded four CDs as a leader and am featured on over 60 as a sideman since I arrived in NY. Music is my release and the way that we can all connect to each other without any biases or cultural boundaries. Music is also important to our development as human beings. I’m currently a lecturer of jazz percussion at Princeton University and also tour with my band “Organatomy Trio+”. My arts organization Arts For Kids has provided arts services to youth and families throughout the tri-state area since 2000. I have been adjusting to the quarantine by shifting my teaching over to Zoom. This has allowed me to provide a much-needed experience to my students, who have all been affected deeply by the pandemic. I am teaching students on two continents at the moment and it has really helped them by allowing me to stay active and engaged in their lives until we are able to meet again in person. It has also help me stay engaged, creative and sane while confined to my home. After the quarantine is over, I will hopefully re-start my touring schedule; my plan for 2020 was to tour China, Mexico and Europe. My primary instrument is drum set.

— Vince Ector