New York’s New Song

Guest Commentary

Volume CV, No. 6June, 2005

Cristyne L. Nicholas

Music makes the world go round, and we at NYC & Company are hoping the world will be inspired to visit New York with the release of “New York: For the Time of Your Life,” an original tune to promote tourism written by acclaimed composer Frank Wildhorn, the creator of Broadway hits “Jekyll & Hyde” and “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” This song made its debut on May 3 at MoMA during the official media party for International Pow Wow, the largest trade show for inbound travel in the United States.

Pow Wow is the largest generator of overseas travel to the United States and is expected to boost international travel to New York City by nearly one million visitors and generate an additional $2.1 billion in economic activity over the next three years.

“New York: For the Time of Your Life” is a lively, upbeat melody with a bright message about experiencing all five boroughs of New York City. Memorable, descriptive lyrics encourage visitors to “eat a hot dog at Coney” and “sail Sheepshead Bay” in Brooklyn, “take a subway to Queens” for a “double-header at Shea,” explore the “Bronx Zoo” and “take a ferry to Staten from Lower Manhattan.”

A CD cover design by renowned New York City artist Peter Max and a music video produced by HBO and the entire Time Warner family as a gift to New York City accompanies the song, and will be used to promote New York to visitors around the world.

New York is the top destination for travelers from around the globe. Each year we are attracting more international visitors who are drawn to our world-class attractions, restaurants, shops, Broadway shows, diverse neighborhoods, and, of course, live music.

New York City tourism is a $24 billion industry which generates more than $5 billion in city, state and federal tax revenues further supporting essential services including the police and fire departments, public education, sanitation services and transportation infrastructure. Visitor spending supports nearly 300,000 jobs in all five boroughs.

The album was a union project and 802 member Jeremy Roberts was the musical director, pianist, conductor, arranger and contractor. Fellow 802 members who played on the project were Tony Kadleck (trumpet), Dan Levine (trombone), Jonathan Levine (bari), Ray Marchica (drums), Charles Pillow (tenor), John Pizzarelli (lead vocals and guitar) and Dick Sarpola (bass).

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Cristyne L. Nicholas is president and CEO of NYC & Company.

“New York, For the Time of Your Life”
Music by Frank Wildhorn
Lyrics by Jack Murphy

It’s a great front row seat, for the world at your feet
It’s the Yankees and Knicks, the Rockettes doing kicks
You can sail Sheepshead Bay, see a show on Broadway
It’s Fifth Avenue, plenty to see and do…

New York, New York…
Winter, spring, summer, fall
Baby, we’ve got it all!

New York, any time of the year
New York, it’s all happening here
New York, for the time of your life

You can shop ‘til you drop, live your life to the top
Double header at Shea, somethin’ new ev’ry day
It’s the lights in Times Square,
It’s the moments you share —
“Summer Breaks” “Paint The Town”
Paint it up, paint it down!

Take the ferry to Staten, from Lower Manhattan
It’s a bagel and schmear, it’s a whole other gear
It’s a hot dog from Coney, and a waiter named Tony
Yellow cabs, limousines, it’s the subway to Queens
It’s so nice, see it twice, paradise by the slice
Brooklyn Heights, the Bronx Zoo, some-thin’ old, some-thin’ new
“I love New York baby — come paint the town!”