Notice to All Local 802 Members

Volume CII, No. 12December, 2002

If you have performed any work in the past for, or have been asked to perform any work in the future for any of the following companies or individuals, you must call Local 802 immediately. Providing services for these companies without a union agreement or without the permission of Local 802, or failure to comply with the instructions of this notice is a violation of Local 802 bylaws and may subject you to severe fines or penalties. Call the President’s office at (212) 245-4802 if you or anyone you know is or has been asked to perform services for any of these companies or individuals:

  • Bianchi & Smith – Virtual Orchestras for the Performing Arts
  • Bianchi & Smith/Realtime Music
  • Real Time Music Solutions
  • Frederick Bianchi
  • David Smith
  • Music Arts Technologies
  • Brett Alan Sommer