Oct. 19 Dinner Will Honor Musicians and Launch Club Date Contract Campaign

Volume C, No. 10October, 2000

A dinner to honor single engagement club date musicians will be held in the Local 802 Club Room on Oct. 19, from 5 until 8 p.m. Invitations to all eligible club date musicians were sent out during the week of Sept. 11, asking that those interested in attending to RSVP no later than Sept. 25.

The purpose of the dinner is not just to honor those who have actively participated in making the Single Engagement Club Date Agreement one of the best contracts negotiated by Local 802, but to kick off the campaign for the new contract (the current agreement expires on April 14, 2001). Those in attendance will be asked to suggest issues and proposals to be brought to the bargaining table and to share their experiences under the current agreement.

To better keep in touch with members during the negotiating process, the Club Date Committee requests that all musicians working in the field contact either Business Rep Richard Schilio at (212) 245-4802, ext. 146, or the Long Island office at (516) 935-6250 and give us your e-mail addresses. A data base will be set up to update members and get important feedback.