On Nov. 8, pay attention to the down-ballot races

Volume 116, No. 11November, 2016

Chris Carroll

election-vote-2016A note from the political director…

It’s finally here. After what seems like the longest campaign season in American history – and after what will surely be remembered as among the least predictable election cycles of the modern era – the 2016 election is upon us. On Nov. 8, millions of Americans will cast ballots for president. But just as important for the governance of our towns, cities, states and country are the crucial down-ballot races for U.S. Senate, Congress and the New York State Legislature. These races will determine the future of our country and determine the policies and legislation that will most greatly impact our careers, lives and families. These races will decide how successfully we are able to advance copyright protection, pass the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, protect workers’ compensation, help create and pass tax credits, address the affordability crisis in New York City, fight for fair pay, and bolster the role the cultural arts play in the education of our children and the overall vibrancy of our unique communities and neighborhoods.

In order to address the diverse, unique and complex issues facing musicians and the labor community, musicians must be engaged at the ballot box, exercising our democratic right to vote by supporting candidates who will support our legislative agenda and reflect our political and ideological priorities. Throughout the election season, we work closely with local and statewide candidates and campaigns, educating people about the legislative needs and challenges facing musicians across the greater New York City area. Below, you will find the candidate for president – as well as the candidates in down-ballot elections – who the Local 802 Executive Board and I believe will best represent and advocate for our agenda. These candidates have established strong credentials, platforms and policies that will support musicians, live music, the arts and our cultural heritage. We wholeheartedly recommend that musicians seriously consider supporting Local 802’s Endorsements with their votes.