Our referral service has a new name

Volume 116, No. 12December, 2016

The referral service has a new name! The Executive Board would like to thank everyone who participated in the renaming contest. Your contributions helped pave the way for our upcoming reboot.

Each of your entries was reviewed, and the Executive Board enjoyed the selection process very much. Due to the important nature of this project, the Executive Board also chose to consult with Local 802’s public relations firm, Geto & De Milly.

After reviewing the contest entries and assessing Geto & De Milly’s recommendations, a final decision was reached on Nov. 1, 2016. The new name for the referral service will be (We’re also going to claim the domains, and

We hope that this name and new brand will be a first step in a successful marketing campaign that helps us bring more work to Local 802 members. Enrollment in will be a free, elective benefit of membership, open to all active members of Local 802. Stay tuned for how you can sign up.

None of the contest submissions were ultimately picked as the winner, but thank you again to everyone who participated! For more information, contact Julie Ferrara at