Play Ball!

Volume 118, No. 9September, 2018

The Local 802 softball teams played their hearts out this season. As usual, we competed in the Performing Arts Softball League, a 12-team league composed exclusively of Broadway unions and other entertainment professionals in New York City. To get information on playing on one of next year’s teams, e-mail Clint Sharman at or Louis Crocco at The team’s website is Photos by Walter Karling.

THE LOCAL 802 MUSICIANS’ A.M. TEAM. Top row: Jeff Nelson, Frank Usamanont, Patrick Milando. Middle row: Chris Harbur, Benjamin Ortiz, Jesse Swimm, Eric Wu. Bottom row: Bryant Snyder, Louis B.Crocco, Clint Sharman (manager), Todd Montgomery (manager), Adam Hargus. Not pictured: Justin Eli, Dante Mazzetti, Danton Boller, Marc Ernay, Dave Olsen, Jeff Ostroski.

THE LOCAL 802 MUSICIANS’ P.M. TEAM. Top row: Tony Curtis, Bennett Beckenstein, Tommy Baker, Jason Rosenbaum. Middle row: Tom Wicus, Louis B. Crocco (manager), Shawn Andrew, Joe Curnutte, Alex Katz. Bottom row: Reid Warner, Greg Stuhr, Jason Yudoff. Not pictured: William Farnum, Radichell Lopez, Roderick Hill, Tim Barker.


Bryant Snyder eyes the pitch.

Clint Sharman hits a deep line drive.

Tony Curtis makes a great grab at second base.

Louis B. Crocco legs out a double.

Frank Usamanont delivers the pitch as Jeff Nelson looks on.

Jeff Nelson scores the go ahead run.