Proposed Local 802 bylaw changes

Volume 119, No. 5May, 2019

Four bylaw resolutions will be proposed at the next Local 802 membership meeting on June 26 at 5 p.m. See back cover for official announcement of this meeting. The exact wording of the resolutions are printed in this issue on page 50 as part of the Executive Board minutes of March 26. Below are summaries of each resolution.

Allegro (Article I, 2, f)

The printing and mailing of Allegro in current paper form costs $118,000 per year. In the past four years, 802 has run budget deficits. In a year where the budget is not in balance, 802 needs the flexibility to electronically publish Allegro. In addition, electronic publishing is more environmentally friendly than paper.

Outside Audit (Article I, 3, c)

The bylaws mandate that our financials be attested to twice per year. This means our outside accounting firm must do two audits of 802’s books per year. This adds $18,000 in expense. According to our outside accounting firm, this requirement of two audits per year is quite unusual. Most unions – and most organizations – require only one audit per year. We are not aware of any other Local within the AFM that requires two annual audits.

Spending on Public Relations (Article III, 5, a)

The bylaws currently mandate that 0.25 percent of scale earnings be spent on public relations. This amounts to about $200,000 per year. In years where the budget is not balanced, such as the past four years, 802 needs the flexibility to cut back on P.R. spending, just as we would cut back on other types of spending. Even when the budget is in balance, we want to have the flexibility to raise and lower our spending on P.R. according to the need.

Harrassment and Bullying (Article IV, Section (uu))

On harassment, we have updated the bylaws to conform to current law that prohibits harassment based on ancestry, pregnancy, gender, gender identity or expression, alienage, marital/partnership status and genetic predisposition. We have also added an anti-bullying provision that protects members from severe work related intimidation, degradation or humiliation.