Proud to Be Union!

Volume 116, No. 10October, 2016

Local 802 musicians, officers, staff and supporters marched in the annual labor parade sponsored by the Central Labor Council. This year’s band included (clockwise from left): Scott Bourgeois (tenor sax); Rick Faulkner (trombone); Kevin Blancq (bandleader and trumpet); Mary Cherney (piccolo); Stefan Schatz (snare); Darby Williams (clave); Chris Cherney (washboard); Kenny Bentley (sousaphone); Moses Patrou (bass drum and vocals); Raina Fiore (bari sax); Hailey Brinnel (trombone); and Jeff Schiller (alto sax). Other Local 802 musicians added spirit by sitting in, marching and playing along.
Photos by Walter Karling.