Remo Donates Drum Set

Volume CIV, No. 3March, 2004

In January, Remo Inc. donated a drum set to Local 802 and made a second set available at a greatly reduced price. The sets are two models from Remo’s new Gold Crown series.

One set is the Be Bop model. It’s a four-piece set with an 8 by 12 inch tom-tom, a 14 by 14 inch floor tom, a 14 by 18 inch bass drum and a 5.5 by 14 inch snare.

The other set is the five-piece Euro or U.K. model. It has tom-toms that are 7 by 10 inches and 8 by 12 inches, and an additional 12 by 14 inch tom-tom with low double tom stand and tom arm. The bass drum is 16 by 22 inches and the snare is 5.5 by 14 inches.

The finish on both sets is nickel-silver.

“Remo has done it again,” said drummer and 802 staff member Greg Venuto. “They originated the plastic drum head, which virtually every drummer in the world has used — and now they’ve originated this great new drum line that is as good as any I’ve ever heard.”

Both drum sets are available to members to use in the Club Room or in Room B. Members are eligible to rent either of these rooms by the hour. For availability and rates, call Maureen Cupid-Pierre at (212) 245-4802, ext. 111.