Settlement for Jose Carreras Players

Volume CVI, No. 9September, 2006

In March, we asked members for help so that Local 802 could collect on a $55,847.20 judgment against Archer Lyon Entertainment and Jordan Belkin. This judgment represented wages and benefits owed to musicians who had performed for Jose Carreras at Lincoln Center on Feb. 8, 2003.

Evidently, our public request worked. On May 22, Jordan Belkin signed a settlement agreement with Local 802 through which he agreed to satisfy the full judgment amount by January 2007. The proceeds of the settlement will be coming from a mortgage Belkin has secured on his new home.

Local 802 anticipates that a distribution of the settlement proceeds will be made in early 2007. For more information, call 802 counsel Harvey Mars at (212) 765-4300 or e-mail him at