Shining A Light On Dark Dates

Recording Campaign Update

Volume CI, No. 1January, 2001

  • Since Local 802 initiated the recording campaign in October, organizers and recording representatives have spoken to hundreds of musicians who work in the recording field. The focus of the conversations is to educate members about the money and benefits lost to dates done for nonunion labels and to encourage everyone to call in their recording dates to the union. Some musicians are also taking advantage of getting a call from the union to raise questions about jingle sessions or live dates that they were not paid for.
  • Musicians, including contractors, have already started phoning in their dates. Some are calling supervisors, some are calling reps, and some are leaving the information anonymously on the Local 802 hotline (212-245-4802, ext. 260). The union is becoming aware of where certain dates are taking place, and is strategizing about taking appropriate action. Every caller’s confidentiality has been respected. Protecting musicians is the utmost priority in this campaign.
  • Reps and organizers have stepped up their weekly recording rounds, in which the major studios in town are visited unannounced. The point of the rounds is to gather evidence in case a union label isn’t filing a phono date, or a nonunion label is trying to go ahead with a session.
  • There is a heavy buzz out there about this campaign – many musicians are talking about it. The word on the street is that it’s a good thing that the union is going after these multi-million-dollar non-union labels who can afford to pay into musicians’ special payments, health, and pension.
  • As Allegro went to press, Local 802 was preparing to host two meetings of musicians who work in the recording field, to outline the campaign.

Local 802 is asking all musicians who work in the recording field to call the union whenever they play or contract a phono or film date of any kind, whether union or non-union. Please call the union at (212) 245-4802, and speak with Jay Schaffner or David Sheldon. Or call the hotline anonymously at ext. 260.