The Actors’ Fund Homes

Musicians' Assistance Program

Volume XCIX, No. 9October, 1999

Denise Boudreau-Scott

It’s likely that most Allegro readers have recently read an article or watched a television report on the ever-increasing numbers of Americans over 65. The statistics are dramatic. Thirteen percent of the current population is over 65, and that figure will double in the next 30 years.

When the time comes to look at living options for yourself or for a loved one, it is often difficult to decide what’s best. Fortunately, as members of the entertainment industry, 802 members have access to a unique place with a remarkable reputation.

The Actors’ Fund Homes, situated in Englewood, N.J., are there for retired members of the large “entertainment family.” For nearly a century the Assisted Living facility (formerly known as the Retirement Home) and the Nursing Home have been helping the Actor’s Fund fulfill its mission: “to advance, foster and benefit the welfare of all professionals in the entertainment community who are in need of help, ensuring that these efforts are accomplished with compassion, confidentiality and preservation of dignity for the individuals concerned.”

Today, the Assisted Living facility is home to 42 guests who may be totally independent or may require some assistance with daily tasks, such as taking medication or bathing. Many guests spend a good portion of their time pursuing their own activities. A homelike atmosphere pervades the Nursing Home, despite the availability of round-the-clock nursing care, creating a feeling of comfort, security and safety for its 67 guests.

Deciding whether to apply to an assisted living facility or a nursing home is never easy. However, the staff of the homes is available to assist you with the application process and can answer difficult questions you may have relating to eligibility, finances and medical history. Tours of the homes are also available, so that you can see a sample room and learn about the multitude of services available, depending on the guest’s level of independence. To learn more about the Actors’ Fund Homes, arrange for a tour, or receive a brochure, please call (201) 871-8882.

If you are struggling with making decisions about living options for yourself or a loved one and would like to discuss your concerns with a social worker, you are welcome to call Local 802’s Musicians’ Assistance Program at (212) 397-4802. ˜

Denise Boudreau-Scott is an administrator at the Actors’ Fund Homes in Englewood, N.J.