The Musicians’ Voice

Volume XCIX, No. 10November, 1999

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To the Editor:

I saw a notice in the New York Post yesterday, asking “Who are the most important musicians and musical groups of the century? You be the judge.” The Post is conducting a “millenium poll,” in which people can vote on line for the most significant figures in seven different categories, including music.

It would be great if Allegro can help pass the word, so our jazz people are represented. There are so many jazz artists who should be remembered for their tremendous contributions to jazz and the world of music. Here are just a few names to pass on to anyone you know who is on the internet: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, MJQ, Count Basie, Milt Hinton, Milt Jackson, Doc Cheatham, Fats Waller and, of course, Diz & Charlie – and there are so many others.

–Doris Parker

[Editor’s note: The web site is, then click on “millennium poll.” Voting will end on Nov. 1, and the results will be published in the Nov. 17 New York Post.].