The sweet sound of a new contract

Scenes of Spring

Volume 112, No. 6June, 2012

Local 802 is pleased to announce that the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra ratified a successor agreement earlier this spring. After almost six months of negotiations, with unprecedented participation by band members, Local 802 negotiators managed to secure modest gains in the areas of scale wages and health benefits. More significantly, musicians will enjoy a substantive increase in pension contributions. Band members, who currently enjoy considerable overscale wages, will now earn pension on something closer to their actual salaries – more than double the previous rate. Musicians who assisted in the negotiations included Ted Nash, Victor Goines, Joe Temperley, Kenny Rampton and Marcus Printup. The negotiations were led by Local 802 counselor Susan Davis, with assistance from Leon Bell, counselor Harvey Mars, Recording Vice President John O’Connor and Jazz Rep Todd Weeks. The contract term is July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2015. Photos by Walter Karling.

Ali Jackson, Jr.

Carlos Henriquez