The Word is Out

Volume 116, No. 1January, 2016

Shane Gasteyer

The word is out! The show Real Enemies, featuring Local 802 member Darcy James Argue’s band Secret Society, was a breakout hit. Part of the 2015 BAM Next Wave Festival, Real Enemies was a multi-media investigation of America’s fascination with conspiracy theories. The 18-piece Secret Society band performed Argue’s rich compositions that blended both abstract and popular themes, from avant-garde 12-tone techniques to classic film score allusions to the sounds of 1980s electro-funk and Cuban son. The music combined with a series of videos and images culled from both real historical events and the ideas of fringe conspiracy theories, to explore the line between paranoia and fact. The members of Secret Society were covered by a Local 802 union agreement for the run of the show, which guaranteed fair wages and pension benefits for all the musicians. Local 802 applauds Argue’s artistic innovation, as well as his commitment to fair working standards for musicians. Photos by Noah Stern Weber.

RE Dress VT - c2-114

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