Tina Hafemeister Is Named Financial Vice-President

Volume C, No. 11November, 2000

Tina Hafemeister, who has served as a member of the Local 802 Executive Board since 1993 and as Supervisor of the Music Preparation Department since 1996, was appointed by the Executive Board to the office of Financial Vice President on Sept. 19. The office was left open when Mary Landolfi retired last May.

Hafemeister’s first professional work in music was as a composer. She worked as a music copyist for 21 years, specializing in symphonic music. A member of Local 802 since 1977, Hafemeister became active in the union in 1983, and served on the Trial Board before being elected to the Executive Board.

As supervisor of the Music Preparation Department, she increased union representation of arrangers and orchestrators, hired and supervised additional staff to better administer benefits collection and processing, increased single engagement music preparation agreements, and developed and negotiated standardized music preparation terms and conditions for off-Broadway, resulting in increased compliance.

In addition to her music preparation duties Hafemeister, an ardent advocate of member education, instituted monthly presentations of the AFL-CIO/Cornell University MEMO (Membership Education and Mobilization for Organizing) Program. More than 100 members have been through the training since November of 1999.

“The education of officers, staff and members is crucial given the changes and challenges we face,” Hafemeister said. “I look forward to continuing the MEMO presentations and expanding even further the educational opportunities available to our members.”

In addition to the duties outlined in Local 802’s Constitution and Bylaws, Hafemeister will supervise the Music Preparation Department, the New Organizing Department, and will develop and supervise an Education Department.