Tribute to Jerry Bruno by Howie Tavin

Volume 120, No. 7July, 2020

Howie Tavin

Jerry Bruno, 100, died on June 22, 2020. He had been a member of Local 802 since 1951. Below is a tribute by fellow Local 802 member Howie Tavin…

A tribute to Jerry Bruno

by Howie Tavin (“Tavern”)

My dear friend, you will be missed by the many who loved you! You’ve been there, done that, done it all with every note a true one — your bass cut through every chart you played! You played Riddle, Marion Evans, Nick Perito, and of course your dear friend (more like a brother) Don Costa. You went down the road with love, respect, and a sense of making great music. You played and partied with Frank, Liza, Steve and Edie, and let’s not forget Sonny Russo! You’ve regaled us with many tales, playing with world class pianists Derek Smith, Ray Kennedy, Jack French, Hank Jones and still playing with us, Ray Cohen. Bruno and I never used our first names. He was always Bruno and he called me Tavern! The past three years we were known as the “Costco Twins.” I’d pick him up for trips to check his hearing aids (wait hold on) our hearing aids. Then we would pick up our Miralax, baby aspirin, and he would get his olive oil, jar of garlic, and tomatoes. Oh, and don’t forget the olives, the big ones with the pimentos and the pearl onions for the martinis for you and Don Shelden. Then we would drive to his favorite fish store and liquor store to get his favorite vodka and then on to Cafasso to get his produce. And so Bruno, my dear friend, we honor you! You will be in our head and hearts forever! Knowing that before a single note of music is played, what we cherish most is your loving friendship throughout the years! Bruno, we’ll see you on the bandstand! — Howie Tavin (Tavern)