Two MPTF Concerts Preview a Proposal

Jazz in the Schools?

Volume C, No. 6June, 2000

Erwin L. Price

Local 802’s Jazz Advisory Committee has made a proposal to the New York City Board of Education for a comprehensive series of coordinated jazz concerts to take place during the school year of 2000-01. Discussions were held with former Chancellor Rudy Crew, who came to Local 802 and expressed great interest in the proposal when it was presented to him. This series would be presented in conjunction with the Music Performance Trust Fund and would cover a wide range of jazz styles in performance.

Stanley Banks, with his quintet, has been preparing these concerts and had an opportunity to preview the presentation by performing in two concerts in each of two schools – I.S. 162 in the Bronx and P.S. 152 in Woodside, Queens – on April 18 and 19. The concerts were received with great enthusiasm and were a roaring success, judging by the comments received by this office.

The group consisted of Stanley Banks, leader and bass, Sue Terry, saxophone, clarinet and flute, Sam Jacobs, percussion and saxophone, James Smith, piano and synthesizer, Wesley Watson, drums and percussion, and Fred Wells, guitar. Thanks to the National Reserve of the MPTF for funding these concerts 100 percent.

The new fiscal year is upon us, and we are now evaluating requests for co-sponsorship for 2000-01. We expect a busy season as usual, even though the total funds available are somewhat less than last season. A new trustee, Noel Berman, is in place after John Hall’s retirement. We will report to you on MPTF activities as the year progresses.