Union Expands Benefits

Out-of-Town Health Coverage & Accidental Death Benefit

Volume CIII, No. 2February, 2003


In the October 2002 Allegro, Local 802 reported a possible change in its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which is currently MagnaCare. Members who are on Plan A or Plan B have been able to see a MagnaCare doctor for a flat rate. The alternative is to see an out-of-network doctor and only get partially reimbursed.

The health plan’s board has decided to retain MagnaCare for all services in metropolitan New York and New Jersey. However, members travelling out-of-town can now utilize the Beech Street network.

This represents a substantial improvement in the union’s health plan. In the past, if you were travelling out of town and wanted to use your union health benefit, you would only be reimbursed for a percentage of a doctor’s visit. Now, if you are travelling, you can use a Beech Street provider and see a doctor for a fixed fee. You can also continue to use MagnaCare, but only in the New York and New Jersey areas. (And you can not use Beech Street in the Metro New York/New Jersey areas.)

As reported, the cost of seeing a preferred provider through the union’s health plan is now $20 – which is still much cheaper than going out-of-network. The union encourages members to use our preferred providers because it keeps everyone’s costs down.

For full details on the changes to the union health plan, click for the October 2002 Allegro. A detailed chart from that issue lists all of the new services. Or, for more information on the new Beech Street network call Alicia Salom at ext. 172.


Local 802 has retained a new $1,000 accidental death and dismemberment benefit for each member and retiree. The benefit also includes $500 for a member’s spouse and $250 for each member’s child under age 19. The benefits are provided through National Income Life Insurance Company (NILICO).

In addition, members will be eligible to participate in NILICO’s health services discount plan. The plan allows discounts with providers in eye care, chiropractic care, prescription drugs and hearing aids. Optional dental care, vitamins, travel assistance and a 24-hour nurse line are also available.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please return the response card that will be mailed to all members. There is no obligation to participate in NILICO’s programs, and whether or not you participate will not affect your status or benefits in Local 802’s own health plan.