Virtual Orchestra Machine Resolution

802 Urges AFM to "Take Whatever Steps Necessary" to Stop VO Machine

Volume CV, No. 4April, 2005

“Keep Music Live” has been Local 802’s mission. Local 802 believes this fight must be expanded to the national level. 802 has therefore submitted the following resolution to the AFM biannual convention this summer.

WHEREAS, the virtual orchestra machine is designed for the sole purpose of eliminating live music in order to reap greater profits for producers and presenters of musical theatre and other musical events; and

WHEREAS, the use of the virtual orchestra machine to replace live musicians is an abomination, and a threat to the art of live musical performance; and

WHEREAS, all musicians and music lovers deplore the machine’s use in all venues for any purpose; and

WHEREAS, there are those whose love of money and hatred of unions lead them to welcome this machine and seek to promote the widespread use thereof; and

WHEREAS, in the last year and a half AFM Local 802 has waged an enormously successful campaign in the New York City area in achieving contracts with music presenters and music venues which contain specific prohibitions against the use of virtual orchestra machines; and

WHEREAS, legal challenges on the validity of such contracts have been dismissed, and such contractual prohibitions have been found to be valid and enforceable by the National Labor Relations Board;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the AFM, its locals, and their members shall take whatever steps necessary on the local, national and international levels to impede the spread of this threat to live music and the livelihood of musicians.

Presented by the AFM Local 802 Executive Board