When You Hire More Musicians, You Win!

Volume CV, No. 7/8July, 2005

Lynne Bond

And in the end, there were six Tony awards to… “The Light in the Piazza,” which proved to be worth every penny that was spent on hiring more live musicians (see last month’s Allegro).

While Lincoln Center had previously extended its run through Sept. 4, the show will now extend through Jan. 1. According to the show experienced “a surge in ticket sales of around $300,000 directly after the Tony’s ceremony.” Art shaping commerce. What a concept!

Two of the show’s six Tony Awards were for best orchestrations and best score. Although it may never be known for certain, one cannot help but think that the show won because of its right-sized orchestra and real, live string section. Ted Sperling, Local 802 member and co-orchestrator for the production, said in his acceptance speech, “Thank you for having this category! We’re very grateful to the many musicians who helped bring this beautiful score to life: our assistant Andy Einhorn, our wonderful music copyist at Emily Grishman Music, and particularly our orchestra members in Seattle, Chicago and New York who pour their hearts into this beautiful music every night. Here’s to more live music on Broadway with real strings and real harp — there is no substitute.” Amen to that!