Why Did You Join the Union?

Volume CVIII, No. 11November, 2008

From time to time, as space permits, Allegro will spotlight some new or readmitted members.

I joined Local 802 to further my skills as a trombonist as well as to become a stronger music professional in general.

James D. McCaughey Jr.

I rejoined Local 802 to start taking myself seriously as a performing musician again. I’m primarily a musical theatre composer/lyricist, but also an accompanist and music director, and would ideally love to be playing in Broadway pits. I play piano and guitar.

Mike Pettry

I joined Local 802 because if you want to be acknowledged as a pro in New York City as well as by your peers, then the choice is clear that you should be part of the team. As a drummer, Local 802 offers me more opportunities in the professional field to continue my career growth and success. I encourage all to join Local 802 sooner than later so you don’t miss out on the exciting work possibilities. 

Jaz Sawyer

My musical goal in New York City is to play in the Broadway pits. I’d also like to explore all the world music the city has to offer. I joined the union for a couple of reasons. One, to be in the network of the finest musicians in the world. Two, so that when I do get the call I’ll be ready to go. I’m a drummer/percussionist.

Danny Taylor

I joined Local 802 because as a theatre musician, I want to be able to play the music that I love with the most talented players in the country on a nightly basis, for a fair wage. I cannot imagine a bigger thrill. It’s what I have been working on in my career and will continue to work on, until it happens. My main instrument is the keyboard.

Patrick Young

I joined Local 802 because I am starting to get more freelance work in New York. As of this writing, I am subbing with the Binghamton Philharmonic and I also have been getting subbing offers for work within New York City. My main musical goal is to expand my network and be able to make a living from performing viola, my primary instrument. 

Nick Revel